Our log home in the snow.
Our log home in the snow.

Welcome to my log home in the blackjack woods of central/east Oklahoma. I live on 7.5. acres of the rural countryside. West of me is prairie and east are more woods. My property is divided up pretty much 50/50.

I am a professional, freelance writer, speaker and garden coach. Although I specialize in garden writing, I’ve written for other publications on various topics. Being a former legal assistant, I enjoy research, and there’s nothing I like better than researching plants and design. I’ve spoken on two panels at the Garden Writers Association’s annual symposium on blogging and where it can take your career. My blogs areĀ Red Dirt Ramblings and The 20-30 Something Garden Guide.

SONY DSCBecause of blogging, I take a lot of photographs and enjoy photography especially when nature is the subject.

I was a legal assistant for ten years. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and an Associate Degree as a legal assistant. I am also a mother of four children, two of which are still at home.

I’m always open to more garden writing as it’s my passion, and I would like to do more speaking. I’ve considered getting my Masters Degree in some aspect of Horticulture. I would like to write a book on some aspect of gardening or nature.